A unique learning experience for established leaders


An extraordinary way to grow further. A master class.

We work with leaders who have established themselves. To grow further, nuances and authenticity really matter. We help you to evolve your leadership style.

Get the chance to explore what you really do when you lead …

  • Work with Executives

  • Hold your teams to account

  • Balance problem-solving and delegating

  • Make the most of multi-disciplinary teams

  • Engage with ‘difficult’ team members and stakeholders


Whatever you want to find out about your leadership,

we get you the perspective you’ve always wanted to have.

“Unique. Immersive. Practical. Instantly applicable. Meaningful.”

- Joel, Associate Director, Public Sector Agency


Learning as a leader can be really hard.

Leaders crave insights into the reality of their leadership.

We believe that without the best feedback you can’t become the best leader you can be. And insightful feedback is very hard to come by, especially as a leader.

We work with senior and mid-line leaders from across industries, such as Financial Institutions, Construction Industry, Professional Services and Public Sector.

“As if I’ve discovered a whole new dimension to understanding my leadership”

- Helen, Digital Transformation leader, Big4 bank


In Australia’s world-class learning environment


Learn in an immersive environment. Engage with live scenarios. Benefit from remarkable ways to generate deep insights.

Building Leadership Simulation Center is a learning environment like no other in Australia. The program is action-orientated and reflective.

  • We work with real-life complexity, don’t just do role-plays.

  • We enable insight, don’t teach content.

  • We make you better, don’t tell you what you should do.

For two days, you will be heading up a business function in a fictitious organisation. Here, you will encounter situations that require you to lead. We don’t want to give away much more! Only so much: You will define and control the edge of your learning.

In a supportive and safe environment, you can

  • See for yourself how you lead, using our technology

  • Get the feedback nobody gives you

  • Step out of your day-to-day hassle and reflect who you have become as a leader

  • Learn with leaders from different industries

  • Step into your visibility, your language patterns, body language and how your preferences play out


Elevate your leadership.

Expand what’s possible for you.

“I learned to show more of myself in the workplace and not hide BEhind a perceived picture of how I think I should appear. The effects have been profound.”

- Cortina, Senior Leader, Professional Services


Our alumni say the program instilled them with confidence to …

  • Lead adaptively, yet with authenticity

  • Cascade their impact across teams

  • Proactively engage with ‘difficult’ situations

  • Aim for more in their leadership

We look forward to meeting you

Christine Yeung.jpg

Christine Yeung

Christine is the founder of Beyond Story. She helps leaders and organisations to discover and strengthen their mental capital, so that they are well equipped for what’s coming.

She is a psychologist (Industrial and Organisation), social innovator, coach and facilitator.

With extensive experiences in psychometric testing, she aspires to integrate behavioural science, holistic approach to wellness and leadership impact.


Dr Stefan Fothe

Stefan founded Ownity to help leaders and their teams to really deliver change and to grow in it, so that they get stronger and more confident for the next wave.

Stefan is a leader,  mentor, coach, learning experience designer and facilitator.

Previously responsible for Learning and Development at Boston Consulting Group, he strives to integrate self-leadership, purpose and impact.


The details


Next program

Mon, 16th and Tues, 17th Sept. 2019

9:00am – 5:30pm


Building Leadership Simulation Centre

49 Brady St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205

20min from Tullamarine Airport

Course fee

A$ 2.500 excl. GST (A$ 2.750 incl. GST) per person


Come, join us.

Be one of only 9 leaders.

“It was phenomenal.”

- Katherine, Senior Leader, Professional ServiceS


To seize the opportunity

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